IDEA Bio-Medical presents a revolutionary technological platform for the drug discovery industry.


Major elements of the leading technology are WiScan®, WiSoft® and WiSense™:


WiScan®: IDEA Bio-Medical’s High Definition Cell Imaging technology for High Content Screening processes (HCS), which provides the unique combination of the two contradicting primary features of automated microscopy: Image Quality, and Acquisition Speed.

WiSoft®: IDEA Bio-Medical’s effective, proprietary analysis software, which provides a significant, sophisticated image processing algorithmic library, operated by a unique and simple software interface.

WiSense™: IDEA Bio-Medical’s Smart Microplate platform that enables users to control the status of reagents  on Microplates. It can be used off-line with manual/robotic operation and inline by incorporating into other systems to allow real-time correction of liquid handling and temperature-dependent processes.

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