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Cell count

Rapid automated count of cells or smaller objects, such as nuclei or bacteria.

Assay Groups

  • Growth rate assay
  • Cell proliferation/ Autophagy/ Apoptosis/ Cytotoxicity assays for suspension cells or adherent cells
  • Immunology studies: Viral Plaque assay, T-cell count
  • Transfection/Transduction: quantify transfection and transduction efficiencies by automated cell counting
  • Count BOTH fluorescently-labeled cells or non-labeled cells using bright field imaging



Cell Count in bright field

Automatically count non-tagged living cells under bright field/transmission illumination to follow cell proliferation, cytotoxicity and variations in confluency.

Cell Count in Colonies

This application infers the number of cells present in a tightly packed colony, where individual nuclei are difficult to identify.  The algorithm quantifies the cell count by identifying two cell populations: single cells and multi-cell colonies.  It then uses the average intensity of a single cell to extrapolate the number of cells contained within a colony.

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