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Zebrafish Analysis

High Throughput Imaging Assays using Zebrafish model

  • Automatic and Manual fish embryo and internal organelles detection
  • Label free or fluorescently tagged fish and internal organelles may be imaged
  • Analysis of morphological and fluorescent features
  • May be done in single plane, Z stack and projections

Live Zebrafish imaging- Blood flow

Video capture from a live Zebrafish larva imaged in bright field illumination using 40X magnification. Acquired by Dr Gillian Tomlinson using IDEA Bio-Medical’s Hermes WiScan at the UCL Division of Infection and Immunity, London, UK.

 The zebrafish (Danio rerio) has become a popular in vivo model of host-pathogen interactions due to its transparent larval stage that is particularly well suited for imaging .

Sample throughput remains an important challenge in the field due to the relatively large specimen size compared to 2D cell culture and the need to immobilize the fish for imaging.


Zebrafish embryo injected IV with FITC-dextran (green) and captured with Hermes imaging system using 4X magnification

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