Come visit IDEA Bio-Medical at SLAS2014 !!

Come visit IDEA Bio-Medical at SLAS2014 (Jan 19-21), booth 1335, where the company will be presenting its revolutionary High Content Screening solutions for the drug discovery industry!  Hermes WiScan® and other company products (Minerva, Athena, WiSense, Argus) improve the output of the drug discovery process and bring down the exorbitant costs of biomedical and pharmaceutical R&D. 

Hermes is based on a unique technological platform, which enables rapid multi-well plate scanning at various magnifications, producing amazing quality images.  It can be used for Multiplexed Assays, Phenotypic Screening, Live Cell Applications, 3D Modeling, Screening in a robotic environment, Rare Event detection, Imaging Cytometry, and more.

Hermes is the fastest HCS system on the market!  It’s so fast the company will be giving out two brand new Nexus7 tablets at SLAS to winners of a trivia game asking participants to guess its speed.