IDEA Bio-Medical And Proteigene Announce Agreement for Distribution in Francs and Belgium


Rehovot, Israel, and Saint Marcel, France, June 10, 2012. 

IDEA Bio-Medical Ltd. and Proteigene announced today that they have completed an Agreement for the distribution of IDEA Bio-Medical’s High Content Screening systems to research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in France and in Belgium.

IDEA Bio-Medical developed a revolutionary High-Definition, Automated Cell-Imaging system (“WiScan®”) and Image Analysis Platform (“WiSoft®”).  WiScan® will ultimately bring down the exorbitant costs of biomedical and pharmaceutical R&D and drastically reduce the time and improve the output of drug discovery processes.  Future development will enable personalized medical treatment.

WiScan®includes two systems: a versatile high-end, multi-user platform called Argus, and a desktop system called Hermes.  The latter was designed for researchers, at all levels of expertise, to easily run a wide range of biological applications at the push-of-a-button, using an extremely easy-to-use (tablet-style) touchscreen mechanism.  The key competitive feature of this system is its laser autofocus system, which provides high quality, always focused images, at very high imaging speeds.  The system also performs analysis in parallel to image acquisition, and is competitively priced.  Its Base System comes with five, built-in applications, and additional packages, such as Live Cell, Automation, and others, are available in modular fashion.

 “The concept behind Hermes was to build a system that does not require special expertise to operate, and which allows researchers to purchase just what they need, and not pay for features they will never use.  The system works extremely fast, and provides excellent images, essentially meeting the optimal level of speed and content,” said Ilan Friedman, Manager of Global Sales and Distribution Channels for IDEA Bio-Medical.

“PROTEIGENE has been distributing and supporting systems for 14 years in France.   We decided to work with IDEA Bio because of their technological innovation, and because their systems are reliable and efficient.  HERMES system, with its flexible and upgradable software options, is really price competitive, which is a concrete argument in our actual time,” said Philippe Dutriat, CEO of PROTEIGENE.

WiScan® technology originated at Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science and at IDEA Bio-Medical’s parent company IDEA Machine Development, and was further developed by IDEA Bio-Medical as part of a commercialization agreement with YEDA – the Institute’s technology transfer arm.


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