IDEA Bio-Medical has a strong management team ranging from successful entrepreneurs to managers with decades of experience in handling technology-based enterprises, and to scientists with a strong research background.

Shlomo Turgeman

Chairman and CEO

Shlomo Turgeman, the founder and CEO of Idea Machine Development, Design and Production Ltd. since 1995, is the Chairman and CEO of Idea Bio-Medical. Mr. Turgeman is an expert in a wide range of laser-based technologies, for the industrial, civil and military markets. Under his leadership, a strong financial plan of Idea was established, with major emphasis on the marketing strategy, and on dynamic adaptation to the changing demands of the world market. In 2007 Mr. Turgeman established an operation arm of Idea in Hong-Kong and China, and founded Idea Bio-Medical that specializes on high-end automated microscopy for the research, industrial and medical markets.

Mordechai Brestel, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Mordechai Brestel holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. Dr. Brestel has extensive experience in R&D management as CTO and CEO of laser and electro-optics specialized companies.
Such as Alumor Lasers where he directed the development of an innovative compact industrial CO2 laser source and ITL where he established and headed the research department operating in the domains of homeland security.

Yael Paran, Ph.D.

Biology Application Manager

Yael Paran has extensive experience in biological research using imaging tools and high-content screening approaches. She did her PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science where she studied physiological processes in tumors using in-vivo MRI. As a post-doctoral fellow and a staff scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science she conducted a multidisciplinary research in cell biology, which involved high-content screening using high-resolution light-microscopy. As a visiting scientist at the National Institute of Health, USA she developed and adapted cell-based assays for high-throughput and high-content screening of compound libraries.

Scientific advisers

Prof. Benjamin Geiger

Prof. Geiger is a molecular cell biologist, at the Weizmann Institute of Science, specializing in cell structure and function analysis. Prof. Geiger is a world leader in the field of cell adhesion, migration and in the application of cellular and molecular technologies for bio-medical purposes, including cancer research and developmental biology. Prof. Geiger was the Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School, founder and Head of the department of Molecular Cell Biology, and later served as a Dean of the Faculty of Biology at the Weizmann Institute. Currently, Prof. Geiger is the Chair of the Academic Board of the Israel Science Foundation.

Prof. Zvi Kam

Prof. Kam is a biophysicist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, specializing in the physical processes underlying basic life processes. Prof. Kam is an expert in optics, system automation and image processing and analysis. He develops and applies high-resolution automated cell-based screening microscopy systems for functional analysis of cells.

Oded Anner, Ph.D.

Oded Anner earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and has served as project manager, VP engineering and CTO in laser and electro-optics based companies. In the last 20 years Dr. Anner has managed a highly versatile range of projects from laser and laser system development to complex electro-optical systems and machines.