Hermes is a cost effective High Content / High Throughput Screening system that operates at extremely high speeds of image acquisition and generates very high quality images. 


Hermes is extremely easy to use, and offers built-in applications that can be activated at the-push-of-a-button.


Hermes is a high-end, attractively priced modular platform, offering modular optional packages, which enable full customization for different user requirements.


Hermes is intuitively operated. Its built in applications are very easy to use, and are operated at the-push-of-a-button. The Hermes system is ideal for large variety of applications including Phenotypic Screening, Spheroids and 3D models, Rare-Event detection, Cytometry, Cell Count (cytotoxicity, proliferation), Protein Expression, Cell

Morphology, Cell Cycle, Protein Translocation, Intracellular Vesicles Quantification, Golgi Intracellular Distribution, Mitochondria Characterization, Cytoskeleton Structure, Nuclear and Sub-Nuclear Structures Characterization, Bacteriology, Immunology.


Hermes mechanisms are based on patents, creatively designed to meet heavy duty operation demands (24/7) with full process robustness.


Hermes is a sophisticated and flexible system offering fluorescence colors, bright field option and large range of air objectives. The system can accommodate variety of plates and sample formats.


Hermes is a product of IDEA Bio-Medical which its professional team is known for its creativity and responsiveness for support and service.







Full analysis and operational software

WiSoft Image Analysis Package. Extended operational software, including:

• Flexible time series setup

• Flexible ?eld Pattern de?nitions

• Slide scanning tools


High Throughput Package

Enhances image acquisition speed.

Double the speed of regular acquisition.


Object Mapping

Enhances throughput of high magnification screens by enabling recognition of islands of interest in low magnifications and imaging of those islands in higher magnification.

Automatic Objective Exchanger (patented).


Live Cell

Environmental stabilized conditions for live cells (temperature control range – from ambient+5°C to 40°C ±0.5°C, CO2 controller as an external accessory), Allow long time lapse experiments.

Microplate does not move during scanning.



Remote accessibility, External loader compatibility