WiSense™ and other company products, driven by this platform, improve the output of drug discovery processes and bring down the exorbitant costs of biomedical and pharmaceutical R&D.


WiSense™ is a platform that enables users to control the status of reagents. It can be used off-line with manual operation or incorporated into external systems to allow real-time correction of liquid handling and temperature-dependent processes.


WiSense™ is a smart plate, which accurately measures multi-well plate parameters during automatic plate preparation and scanning. Measured parameters include volume and temperature of a single well, up to the entire plate.


WiSense™ enables users to better control the plate preparation process, helping to avoid errors resulting from incorrect dispensing of reagents.


WiSense™ performs accurate monitoring and offers a simple and easy-to-use User Interface. Monitoring parameters are performed during the entire automated microplate process workflow, maintaining historical data used for corrective measures and process improvement analysis. Using WiSense™ and the real-time feedback it provides, drug discovery research becomes more reliable and efficient.