Focal Adhesion Assembly Screen

Winograd-Katz et al., J. Cell Biol, 186,3, 423-436 


To explore the molecular basis for focal adhesion assembly, cells expressing a fluorescent derivative of the focal adhesion protein paxillin were transfected by a library of siRNA duplexes, targeting all kinases, phosphatases and adhesion-related molecules. The effect of this treatment on focal adhesion formation, as well as cell morphology, was monitored by High Content Screening (HCS). This HCS assay revealed diverse structural and signaling genes, whose knockdown affected different features of the adhesion sites and the cells.

Single images of representative sample wells show the results of the knockdown of 8 different genes on focal adhesion morphological features in HeLa cells expressing YFP-paxillin. Untransfected cells and Risc free-transfected cells were used as control.