IDEA Bio-Medical

IDEA Bio-Medical has developed a high definition, ultra-fast biological cell-imaging system WiScanTM capable of high resolution imaging at high speeds. IDEA Bio-Medical was established in 2007 by IDEA Machine Development, Design and Production Ltd.

Our in-house developed, proprietary know-how is based on the following:
Exclusive worldwide license from Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. patents and know-how in high content screening - developed by professors Benjamin Geiger and Zvi Kam during their research at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Know-how, expertise and leadership of the mother company: IDEA Machine Development Design and Production Ltd. - based on 15 years of experience in development, production support and servicing of high-tech products for leading companies world-wide - in the field of automated verification/vision based devices.

IDEA Bio-Medical is currently seeking over-seas strategic partnerships, directed towards expanding its penetration into research institutions and industries around the world.

Current major target market segments include research groups in academic institutions. In the future, IDEA Bio-Medical envisages adoption of the WiScan platform by drug development teams in medical research centers and the pharmaceutical industry as they take advantage of its higher resolution screening capabilities.

IDEA Bio-Medical is committed to the development of novel, powerful imaging tools for the bio-medical research community.

Looking ahead - IDEA Bio-Medical is developing novel image-based screening platforms for the pharmaceutical industry and medical centers - dedicated to broadening the scope of personalized medicine.
To this end, Idea Bio-Medical had joined forces with leading European research teams, addressing new frontiers in regenerative medicine, immunology and bio-medicine. This activity is conducted within the framework of the 7th program of the European Union.

Prof. Geiger and Prof. Kam are active consultants to the board of directors of IDEA Bio-Medical Ltd.



  • IDEA Machine Development, Design and Production Ltd.
  • Private investors.

The business and product development plans are supported by the Office of Israel's Chief Scientist and the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) of the European Commission.


Established in 1995, IDEA Machine Development, Design and Production Ltd. is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) that specializes in development, design and production of turn-key projects in electro-optics and precision, high-end motion systems. Its customers are leading global companies in the semiconductor, PCB, digital printing and medical industries.

The company's management team and scientists have in-depth experience in the laser industry.
IDEA is headquartered in the Rabin Science Park, Rehovot, Israel. IDEA's global strategic supply chain is located in low-cost regions and is operated by IDEA China as Operations Center and Chen Tech Hong Kong as Commercial Center - assuring financial added-value to its projects and customers operations.

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Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. Is the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS). Yeda initiates and promotes the transfer to the global marketplace of research findings and innovative technologies developed by WIS scientists. Yeda holds an exclusive agreement with the Weizmann Institute to market and commercialize its intellectual property and generate income to support further research and education.

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The Weizmann Institute of Science, located in Rehovot, Israel, is one of the top-ranking multidisciplinary research institutions in the world. Noted for its wide-ranging exploration of the sciences and technology, the Institute gathers together 2,500 scientists, technicians and research students devoted to adventuring into the unknown.

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