WiScan® Hermes 24/7

Fully Autonomous Imaging System- The freedom to focus on the fun stuff

Minimal Involvment

With push-button programming the system autonomously:

  • Incubates plates in a built-in plate stacker which accommodates up to 20 plates under incubation conditions (37ºC, 5% CO2)
  • Loads & unloads plates for imaging
    All external sources supported –Incubators, stackers, liquid handlers
  • Acquires high quality images on the WiScan® Hermes automated high content screening system
  • Analyzes acquired images using WiSoft® Athena automated image analysis software
  • Produces presentation-ready results using multiple visualization tools (scatter plots, histograms, heat maps, time graphs, dose curves, etc.)

  • Minimal footprint design
  • Flexible access from any direction
  • Reliable re-positioning