Recent publications

Winograd-Katz S., Itzkovitz S., Kam Z., Geiger B.

Multiparametric analysis of focal adhesion formation by RNAi-mediated gene knockdown

The Journal of Cell Biology, 2009; Vol. 186, No. 3, 423-436

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Naffar-Abu-Amara S, Shay T, Galun M, Cohen N, Isakoff SJ, Kam Z, Geiger B.

Identification of novel pro-migratory, cancer-associated genes using quantitative.

PLoS ONE. 2008 Jan 23;3(1):e1457.

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Paran Y, Ilan M, Kashman Y, Goldstein S, Liron Y, Geiger B, Kam Z.

HCS of cellular features using high-resolution light-microscopy; application for profiling drug effects on cell adhesion.

Journal of Structural Biology, 2007; May;158(2):233-43.

Paran Y, Lavelin I, Naffar-Abu-Amara S, Winograd-Katz S, Liron Y, Geiger B, Kam Z.

Development and application of automatic high-resolution light microscopy cell-based screens.

Methods in Enzymology 2006;414:228-47

Worldwide Screens  based on WiScanTM

  1. siRNA screen (Winograd-Katz et al):
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  2. Microscopy setup, Weizmann model:
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  3. Cytoskeletal perturbation screen (Paran et al):
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  4. Chemicals perturbation (Chembridge) – (Paran et al):
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  5. Novel cytoskeletal components (Lavelin et al):
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