About Us

IDEA Bio-Medical is a subsidiary of IDEA Machine Development, Design and Production ltd, a globally recognized Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) with over 30 years of experience providing robust electro-optical and mechano-optical machines to the demanding semiconductor, medical device and digital printing industries. IDEA Bio-Medical was founded as a partnership with The Weizmann Institute of science, one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences.

Leveraging the expertise and knowledge of our parent company, we specialize in the development, design and production of automated microscopy and cell imaging systems, as well as automated image analysis software for the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors. Our systems incorporate the most advanced technologies in the machine vision field, combined with reliable engineering and software methodologies, to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions. IDEA Bio-Medical employs scientists and engineers with broad and diverse backgrounds, including cellular & molecular biology, high content imaging & screening, advanced microscopy techniques, image analysis & artificial intelligence (A.I.), software design and systems integration. IDEA Bio-Medical fulfills all the needs of our clients including annual maintenance visits, regular software updates, and a commitment to real-time and in-person user training and support.