About us

At IDEA Bio-Medical, we bring automated imaging solutions satisfying the high-stake demands of industry to the academic researcher and empower your project to progress rapidly.

IDEA Bio-Medical specializes in automated imaging systems and image analysis software, offering a broad range of biological applications based on the company’s unique algorithms library. The company is developing novel image-based screening platforms for the pharmaceutical industry and medical centers, dedicated to broadening the scope of personalized medicine.

We are committed to the development of novel, powerful imaging tools for the bio-medical research community.

IDEA Bio’s systems incorporate the most advanced technologies currently available in the machine vision field, integrated with engineering methodologies of high reliability and quality at the level of semi-conductors and digital printing industries, which are the specialty of our mother company, IDEA Machine Development Design and Production Ltd.

IDEA Bio-Medical was founded in 2007 through a partnership between YEDA (the Weizmann Institute’s commercialization arm) and IDEA Machine Development (an innovation hub).

Our in-house developed, proprietary know-how is based on the following:
Exclusive worldwide license from Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. patents and know-how in high content screening – developed by professors Benjamin Geiger and Zvi Kam during their research at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Know-how, expertise and leadership of the mother company: IDEA Machine Development – based on 25 years of experience in development, production, support and servicing of high-tech products for leading companies in the field of automated verification/vision based devices.


Mr. Shlomo Turgeman
Chairman and CEO

Dr. Yael Paran

Dr. Yael Paran,

Mr. Benzi Lavi,
R&D Manager

Mr. Alex Efros,
Software Development Manager

Eng. Eitan Shefer,
Chief Engineer

Prof. Benny Geiger,
Scientific advisor


Dr. Mordechai Brestel,

Mr. Eyal Handler,
Director of the Board

Dr. Jason Otterstrom ,
Customer Success Manager & Application Scientist

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