Clonogenic Assay

Label-free cell colony detection providing TRUE single-cell count per colony

Clonogenic assay or colony formation assay is an in vitro cell survival assay based on the ability of a single cell to grow into a colony. The colony formation assay is a sensitive measure of compounds which requires cells to undergo several rounds of replication in order for the effect to be observed. Colonies of cells are formed and measured over time or at an end point.

This assay automatically defines cells, merges them to colonies, counts the colonies and measures their morphometric features such as size, density and solidity, as well as counting the number of cells in each colony.

  • Quantify the ability of a single cell to form a colony
  • A label-free assay-use bright field imaging to identify the formation of a single-cell clone colony
  • Measurement of colonies made of fluorescently labelled cells is also an option
  • True cell-per-colony quantification, no area-per-colony estimation needed
  • Analyse the whole well continuously
  • Applicable for fixed or living cells
  • Morphological features of the colonies are calculated
  • Colonies may be divided into sub-populations, based on their properties
  • Measure colonies of cells over time or at an end point
  • In-vitro cell survival assay
  • Monitoring cell growth and division
  • Determine the effectiveness of cytotoxic or proliferation agents
  • Evaluate cell reproductive death after treatment with ionizing radiation