Detection of Rare Events in Live Cells

Unique & sophisticated HCS tools for automated tracking &  studying rare events in living cells
Rare event detection assays
Rare event detection cell biology assays

Performing large scale cell imaging assays?

Ever feel like you’re Looking for a needle in a hay sack?

Visualizing rare events requires systematic, continuous tracking of multi-dimensional aspects of the system, capturing dynamic processes and identifying transient, sometimes unexpected features.

Such tracking must include automatic and highly accurate detection of specific events of interest and the ability to rapidly capture and document those events at high resolution.

WiScan® Hermes incorporates sophisticated HCS tools for studying rare events in living cells.

Examine your images only when something interesting happens and check the image library to see what exactly had happened

  • Sophisticated detection and readouts techniques for real-time analysis
  • Scanning time is kept to a minimum
  • No additional data mining or image analysis is required to identify cells of interest in high resolution images
  • No wasted data storage of unimportant cells
  • Allows researchers to obtain meaningful data regarding the kinetics of their biological system without investing any extra resources or cost.
  • Hermes uses real-time monitoring so that the relevant signal is never overlooked
  • Hermes achieves better statistical precision than cross-well comparisons of standard end-point imaging studies by applying quantitative, real-time analysis in each of the wells