Microbiology & Immunology

Hermes for Microbiology, Immunology & Virology

• Super-resolution via SRRF
• Plate-wide scanning with oil immersion objectives
• Automated oil dispensing
• Specialized software package for microbiology

✔ Intracellular bacterial counting

✔ Viral infection

✔ Combine with transcription factor detection and measurement

✔ Viral plaque assays

✔ General infection assays to study neighbor-neighbor infection

✔ Neutralization assay

✔ Bacterial colony generation

Fluorescence Intensity Quantification

Masure Multiple Shape Properties of Fluorescently Labelled Cells or Objects

Counts Fluorescently Labelled Cells or Smaller Objects

Counts Fluorescently Labelled Cells or Smaller Objects

Quantification of Foci Labelled Intranuclear Proteins

Detection of Intracellular Granules / Foci

Segmentation of Yeast Cells & Quantifying Their Properties

Revolutionary deep learning-based image analysis for TRUE Zebrafish high-content screening

Quantitive Analysis of Multicolor Labelled Cells

Cytoplasm / Nucleus Protein Expression Ration Quantification

Capture time-dependent events using rapid acquisition rate & accurate localization repeatability

Fast Automatic Identification and Acquisition of Cell / Object of Interest

Study changes in cell growth and death, along with spread of the viral infection over time.