Application Notes

Automated image analysis of 3D model systems for high content & throughput screening

Automated analysis workflows for 3D Spheroids & Organoids and label-free colony formation assays applied quickly and easily with Hermes, Athena and Minerva platforms


Sophisticated high content imaging tools for studying rare events in living cells

IDEA Bio-Medical offers a new feature for spatio-temporal analysis of rare events measures, using high-content microscopy.
This new function offers sophisticated HCS tools for studying rare events in living cells.



How does HIV breach macrophage defences? New study explains

In a new study, a group of WiScan® Hermes users from the University College London (UCL) found that although macrophages have a protein that shields human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus is able to make it past the defense.



WiScan® Hermes imaging system  globally applied to study diseases & medical conditions such as Obesity, breast cancer and AIDS/HIV

CHARLSTON, SC: Obesity research in USA: Oil spill study raises ‘Red Flag’ about commonly-used compound

RICHMOND, Va: Breast cancer tumor study yields promising results in phase one

LONDON, UK: Study shows how HIV virus breaches macrophage defenses, could be step towards cure



“In-Cell Western”- A novel approach to detect gross changes in protein expression and protein phosphorylation

A group from the Department of Medicine in Virginia Commonwealth University at Richmond, VA, USA has recently published an article about Rationally Repurposing Ruxolitinib (Jakafi®) as a Solid Tumor Therapeutic on Frontiers in Oncology journal.
In this paper the group, under the leadership of Prof. Paul Dent, describes a novel approach for the detection of Cell Viability, Protein Expression, and Protein Phosphorylation by Immuno-Fluorescence Using IDEA Bio-Medical’s Hermes WiScan imaging system.



Capturing rapid cellular events using simultaneous image acquisition

Image-based studies of biological processes in living creatures allow researchers to follow kinetic and time-dependent processes in real-time with minimal intervention. In these studies it is often required to follow rapid cellular events with multiple readouts. Furthermore, in many cases these features or events should be measured simultaneously.

The Hermes WiScan® imaging system provides a built-in solution for simultaneous imaging. It features image acquisition in four separate imaging channels, which can be operated in parallel or sequentially, according to the user’s requirements.

(Published on Drug Discovery World (DDW) magazine, Winter 2015/16)