Case Study: automated mRNA colocalization assay

Application Notes

Case Study: automated mRNA trafficking in Yeast models

Prof. Jeffrey Gerst of the Weizmann Institute’s Molecular Genetics Department

Prof. Jeffrey Gerst of the Weizmann Institute’s Molecular Genetics Department

Hermes 24/7 manipulator arm

The Hermes 24/7 system at the Gerst lab, Weizmann Institute. The system is integrated to a Freedom Evo liquid handler by Tecan.

Fully autonomous mRNA & Protein Trafficking in Yeast models with HERMES 24/7 system

”I wanted a high content imaging system that was reliable at high magnifications for screening the relative localization between mRNA and organelles in yeast.

My main goal while searching for a suitable supplier was minimizing the number of external suppliers I would have to interact with and address.

In this aspect, IDEA Bio-Medical offered me an integrative solution that included the image acquisition and analysis, together with interfacing of the microscope to existing systems I already had. Such a comprehensive solution from a single company significantly simplified the whole process. This was a huge advantage”, says Prof. Gerst.

IDEA Bio-Medical developed the new HERMES 24/7 fully autonomous imaging platform to address the unmet need of the laboratory of Professor Jeffrey Gerst at The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. The customer inspired Hermes 24/7 establishes a new standard for simplicity and compactness in completely automated, image-based experimentation.

IDEA Bio-Medical tailor-made a complete solution for Prof. Gerst’s requirements, taking advantage of our experienced in-house software development teams and expertise in precise motion systems development and manufacturing.

In designing our new Hermes 24/7 automated system, we aimed to empower labs beyond the Gerst lab to utilize existing infrastructure to expand their capabilities while minimizing the amount of valuable lab space occupied.

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