IDEA Bio-Medical Partners with AnimaLab as a Distributor in Eastern Europe

IDEA Bio-Medical, a leading innovator in the high content imaging field, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with AnimaLab, assigning them distributors for IDEA Bio-Medical’s cutting-edge imaging and analysis products in Eastern Europe.

With a steadfast commitment to advancing life science research through innovative solutions, IDEA Bio-Medical has chosen AnimaLab as its trusted partner to represent and distribute its products across the Eastern European region.

About AnimaLab:

Operating on the life science market since 2004, AnimaLab boasts a well-coordinated team of life science specialists with extensive industry experience. The company provides professional consultancy and comprehensive services in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Their collaborative efforts with over 50 international suppliers have resulted in a diverse portfolio of solutions for the scientific, research, and industrial sectors.

The partnership with AnimaLab marks a significant milestone for IDEA Bio-Medical as it expands its global reach, delivering state-of-the-art automated imaging solutions to Eastern Europe’s scientific community.

“We are thrilled to welcome AnimaLab to the IDEA Bio-Medical family as our distributor in Eastern Europe,” said Dr. Jason Otterstrom, Global Sales Development Manager at IDEA Bio-Medical. “AnimaLab’s reputation for excellence and their extensive network make them the ideal partner to bring our innovative products to the forefront of scientific advancements in the region.”

AnimaLab’s dedication to providing top-notch service aligns seamlessly with IDEA Bio-Medical’s mission to empower researchers and healthcare professionals with advanced tools for their critical work.

“We are honored to be chosen as distributors for IDEA Bio-Medical in Eastern Europe,” said Szymon Wyrwick, CEO at AnimaLab. “This collaboration signifies a joint commitment to advancing life sciences in our region, and we are excited about the transformative impact our partnership will have on the scientific landscape.”

Szymon Wyrwick, CEO at AnimaLab
Dr. Jason Otterstrom, Global Sales Development Manager at IDEA Bio-Medical

Together, IDEA Bio-Medical and AnimaLab are poised to enhance the accessibility of groundbreaking automated cell imaging solutions, furthering research and discoveries in Eastern Europe.

AnimaLab shall represent IDEA Bio-Medical’s products in the following countries: Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

About IDEA Bio-Medical:

IDEA Bio-Medical is a leading innovator in the life science research industry, dedicated to developing cutting-edge high content screening solutions that advance healthcare and scientific research. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, IDEA Bio-Medical is at the forefront of empowering researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide.

About AnimaLab:

AnimaLab, operating since 2004, is a prominent player in the life science market, offering professional consultancy and comprehensive services. With a well-coordinated team of specialists and collaborations with over 50 international suppliers, AnimaLab provides a broad portfolio of solutions for the scientific, research, and industrial sectors across Eastern Europe.