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Whether you are performing assay development, compound screens, transfection assays or looking at a few samples in great detail, and whether you are using 3D models, primary cells, live or fixed cells,WiScan® Hermes imaging systems, together with WiSoft® analysis software platforms, delivers all the features you need to generate unbiased, statistically significant data to promote your research.

WiScan® Hermes high content imaging systems


Hermes imaging system, IDEA Bio-Medical's high content screening system

Easily generate publication-quality images at high throughput speeds

WiScan® Hermes is IDEA Bio-Medical’s High Definition cell imaging technology for High Content Screening process (HCS), which provides the unique combination of the two contradicting primary features of automated microscopy: image quality and acquisition speed.


The Hermes product family




Fully Autonomous Imaging System

Gain the freedom to focus on the fun stuff with our one-stop-shop for your automated screens, including sample incubation, plate loading/unloading for imaging, automated image acquisition, automated image analysis and presentation-ready results display.


Hermes 24-7 Brochure

WiSoft® Image Analysis Software Platforms

From cell culture to complex analysis in multi-channel fluorescence imaging, WiSoft® platforms allow you to easily perform various routine & specialty biological applications.

WiSoft® Athena is a platform of ready-made cell imaging analysis applications. It offers  a wide range of both basic and advanced applications which are loaded by the push of a button and allow the user to quickly start analysis. All level users can be easily trained and use this platform simply and independently.




Wisoft® Minerva platform is a developer’s tool which is aimed to provide solutions for tailor -made assays in cell biology. This analysis software package offers versatile image processing, segmentation, quantification and multi-parametric statistical analysis, and a variety of image and data visualization tools.  Minerva is suitable for  rapid analysis of very large image datasets.