Hermes is our go-to-microscope at the Faculty of Medical Sciences in UCL

Prof Mahdad Noursadeghi
Div of Infection & Immunity
Faculty of Medical Sciences
University College London

“We have been using the first-generation Hermes Wiscan for the last four years. It combines exceptionally high-quality optics with genuinely high-speed image acquisition with consistent autofocus capabilities that have made this our go to microscope for high content imaging. The associated software for image acquisition and analysis, provides an intuitive user interface that has encouraged rapid adoption of the Hermes Wiscan by numerous groups in our institution, including many who do not have prior high content microscopy expertise.

Equally importantly, Idea-Bio have provided attentive and effective support at many levels. They have been able to resolve both hardware and software issues in a timely fashion. Moreover, they have made considerable efforts to understand our experimental needs and to work collaboratively in order to develop the capability of their product, in order to address our needs through new software applications for image analysis.

We look forward to continue working with the Hermes Wiscan systems and Idea-Bio for the foreseeable future.”