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Athena Zebrafish- Software Installer

What you should know before using Athena for Zebrafish software:


Athena Packages

Flexible Pay-Per-Use License

We offer six license packages for different throughput requirements.
Choose the best package that fits your needs.
Number Of Images:
500 Starter
1,000 Advanced
5,000 Pro
10,000 Expert
25,000 Elite
50,000 Enterprise
Price per image: 0.2
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*All purchased packages are valid for 12 months post installation
For analyzing images of proprietary formats (*.czi, *.nd2, etc) a one-time for lifetime license registration fee of $260.00 is required.

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What you should know before using Athena for Zebrafish software:

Image formats

Athena supports loading a broad range of image formats either with or without the associated Metadata.  Images must be either 8-bit or 16-bit grayscale images, as RGB color images are not supported.

Without metadata, supported types are *.tif, *.tiff, *.png, *.bmp, *.jpg, *.jpeg. For these formats, users can manually define pixel size and separate color channels are grouped together using identifying text in the image filenames.  Multi-page *.tif image stacks are accepted when each page corresponds either to a Z- or T-stack (time-lapse).  Each Z- or T-slice is analyzed separately and 3D rendering is not supported.

When loading OME-TIFF and proprietary formats (*.czi, *.nd2, etc), Athena can automatically extract the following associated metadata:

  1. Dimensions of each image: well, in well field, wavelength, time index, Z-stack index. 
  2. Pixel size
  3. Plate info
  4. Objective

Image characteristics 

Athena for Zebrafish has three requirements to visualize zebrafish embryos or larvae visualized in a micrograph image:

  1. The zebrafish animal must be imaged using transmitted light for contour and anatomy detection.  Whole-body fluorescence images are not supported.
  2. The transmitted light channel must have a bright (white) background.  Best results are obtained for zebrafish imaged with standard brightfield illumination rather than contrast enhanced transmitted light methodologies (i.e. phase contrast, DIC).  
  3. The whole animal must be visible within the image, from head to tail.  Images visualizing only specific regions, such as the heart or tailfin, are not yet supported.

Computer Requirements

    • Minimum 8GB ram, preferable 16GB.
    • At least 2 cores, preferable 8.
    • Monitor screen: to ensure proper software visibility, screen resolution should be set to at least 1920 x 1080 and the text scaling should be set to 100%.


Flexible Pay-Per-Use License
Licenses can be purchased monthly or quarterly (3 months), according to your needs, and we will waive the first registration fee! Here are the packages we are offering:

Images count


User package

Billing period

Price *

Per month

Per quarter

Effective price per image



$      200.00



$      0.29



$   1,200.00



$       0.20



$   1,800.00



$      0.15

* License registration fee: € 200.00 waived for first-time registration of a new license and valid for the duration of a continuously renewed license period.

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