Wound Healing/ Scratch Assay

Wound healing Scratch assay
Images of high confluency tissue cultures were taken in time lapses of 10 minutes intervals using Hermes cell imaging system, after performing a scratch, both in bright field and fluorescence wave length (GFP). Scratch area was automatically measured and analyzed (marked in red line) using Athena image analysis software. Scratch area is presented on the above figure.

Hermes system’s rapid image acquisition and very high motion repeatability, as well as the simple, user-friendly analysis of the Athena software are combined here to form an efficient and accurate cell motility evaluation.

Scratch assay or wound healing assay is used to study cells motility by measuring their speed and motion while closing a scratch made in a confluent sample.

Measuring cell motility properties has implications for cancer and metastasis studies, chemo-taxis, wound healing, embryonic development and more.

This application allows to measure the size of a scratch or a wound in cultured cells at different time points, while the cells are migrating to close the gap of the scratch.

Wound healing scratch assay conducted in bright field illumination in time lapse with WiScan Hermes high content imaging system.