Cited in over 140 scientific papers on peer-reviewed magazines, The WiScan® Hermes is IDEA Bio-Medical’s high content screening system, designed for rapid, robust screens of biological samples to produce high quality images and reliable data.

The microscope hardware consists of an intuitively operated, high-end and cost-effective inverted microscope incorporating several patented technologies. A novel moving-objective design leaves the sample stationary while enabling the microscope to operate at extremely high image acquisition speed across multi-well plates and generate publication-grade images.  A unique laser autofocus integrated with the scanner capabilities insures very accurate focus position and repeatability.

The microscope maximizes flexibility by offering compatibility with optional environmental chambers for live-cell or hypoxic conditions, and by supporting Z-stack image acquisition, up to 7 fluorescence channels and magnifications in the range of 2x to 60x with high NA (air, water and oil objectives supported).  

Optionally, the microscope can be combined with the Hermes 24/7 robotic arm, also produced by IDEA Bio-Medical, to enable fully autonomous sample loading and image acquisition as a one-stop-shop.  The accompanying proprietary image analysis software, WiSoft® Athena, is suitable for a broad range of biological applications based on the company’s unique library of algorithms, which are continuously improved and upgraded.  The software design is intuitive and designed for users having any level of microscopy expertise.

The Hermes product family

Researchers/ Academia product linePharma industry product line
Hermes Real Time
Hermes Real Time
Observer Pro
Hermes Drug
Hermes Drug
Discoverer Pro
Hermes Supreme Vision
Fluorescence channels44477
Transmitted light (Bright Field)
Laser auto focus
Live cell experiments
Z stack for 3D imaging
Optional Automated Oil dispensing for oil immersion objective
Object Mapping (rare event detection)
WiSoft® Athena analysis SW
single license
Enhanced Throughput speed (HT)
Optional robotic arm for auto plate
Automation interface to external robotic
Optional plates stacker to integrate to
robotic arm

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