Cell Biology

Wound Healing / Scratch Assay

Detection of Intracellular Granules / Foci

Quantitive Analysis of Multicolor Labelled Cells

Segmentation of Yeast Cells & Quantifying Their Properties

Colony Formation Assay

Measure Confluence Percentage

Wound Healing / Scratch Assay
Tumor Spheroids
Immune Cell Killing

Fast Automatic Identification and Acquisition of Cell / Object of Interest

Counts Fluorescently Labelled Cells or Smaller Objects

Mitochondria Count, Morphology, Protein Expression & More

Quantification of Foci Labelled Intranuclear Proteins

Counts Fluorescently Labelled Cells or Smaller Objects

Cytoplasm / Nucleus Protein Expression Ration Quantification

Fluorescence Intensity Quantification

Masure Multiple Shape Properties of Fluorescently Labelled Cells or Objects

Quantify Cell Population Fraction at Different Cell Cycle Phases

Imaging of the Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans

High Throughput Imaging Assays using Zebrafish Model