autonomous cell imaging

Introducing: New autonomous cell imaging platform- HERMES 24/7

The customer inspired Hermes 24/7 establishes a new standard for simplicity and compactness in completely automated, image-based experimentation. IDEA Bio-Medical’s in-house expertise in areas of precision machine design, manufacture and software development enabled the creation of the new Hermes 24/7 fully automated setup, which includes sample-manipulator and high content imaging system as a tailor-made solution satisfying the demanding requirements set forth by the market of high content screening. The new HERMES 24/7 system for autonomous cell imaging integrates a manipulator arm manufactured by IDEA Bio-Medical with our Hermes high content imaging system, all placed on a dedicated mobile cart with footprint of just 1.3m2 to fit into even the most crowded lab space. The Hermes 24/7 also includes the Athena application-based analysis software, which performs automated analysis of the images acquired on the Hermes system. This newly launched platform is suited for researchers seeking an automated solution for large-scale screening of their image-based experiments in cellular models, with emphasis on:
  • Flexible interface with existing equipment (liquid handlers, plate stackers, incubators, etc.)
  • Small footprint
  • As few suppliers involved as possible
  • High magnification of at least 60x
  • Brightfield & Fluorescence imaging
  • Z-stack acquisition
  • Automated image analysis
At Idea Bio-Medical, our versatile team of professional engineers, scientists and software developers is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our customers.  Our business model endows us with the flexibility to create novel solutions when existing solutions do not fit a project’s needs and requirements. Our team collaborates closely with customers to fully understand their specific workflow needs and provide effective, custom solutions. In designing our new Hermes 24/7 autonomous cell imaging system, we aimed to empower labs to utilize existing infrastructure to expand their capabilities while minimizing the amount of valuable lab space occupied.
autonomos cell imaging
HERMES 24/7 fully autonomous platform for cell based imaging assays