IDEA Bio-Medical launched a new feature for rare events measures

Application Notes

New feature for spatio-temporal analysis of rare events measures using high-content microscopy offered by IDEA Bio-Medical

Hermes high content imaging system offers a new function based on sophisticated HCS tools for studying rare events in living cells.

This unique tracking feature includes automatic and highly accurate detection of specific events of interest, followed by rapid image acquisition and documentation of those events at high resolutions.

Figure : Time lapse rare event steps
This is a three-step process:
A,B: First scan captures the entire plate and acquires
images using low magnification(2X-10X) in pre-defined
time intervals. This initial scan is aimed to spot objects of interest at very high speed.
C: An automatic multiparametric analysis based on morphological and signal
parameters for object mapping is performed at the end of each cycle.
D: Second scan acquires images and movies in high magnification(20X-60X) only for objects of interest selected based on the automated analysis.