"Using Athena software to analyze around 2,300 zebrafish larvae at 5 dpf was very time-saving"

As part of my collaborative masters research work in the Yaniv lab at the Weizmann institute, I used the Hermes & Athena platform to reproducibly quantify a zebrafish phenotype for my drug screening experiment.

Overall, using Hermes imaging system and Athena analysis software to analyze around 2,300 zebrafish larvae at 5 dpf was time-saving as it extracted many useful parameters for analysis like a fish’s lateral area and other phenotype-corresponding values simultaneously.   I used it to reliably quantify fish bloating to separate between wild type, disease-modeling mutants, and disease-state recovered fish.  This was very crucial as it allowed us to identify possible drug candidates capable of recovering the healthy phenotype in mutants. The measurements obtained in the Athena software were extracted consistently and are readily saved in a user-friendly format that allow for further data analysis.

Moreover, the Idea-bio team supported us throughout the entire process of using Hermes & Athena and were very efficient in tech-support and problem-solving which was very essential for our experience as platform-users.   

Amani Jabali, M.Sc

Visiting Student

Prof. Karina Yaniv laboratory

The Weizmann Institute of Science